Areas of Support

Philanthropy touches every one of our patients, so each donation, no matter what size, will make a difference for the patients we care so deeply about.

In 2015, gifts both big and small, from 115 employees and physicians totaled $39,124. In its 20 year history, employee giving provided $613,000 to improve care. Because of YOU…patients have access to a beautiful facility with meditation room, local cancer care, rehabilitation from stroke, injuries or surgery with the AlterG treadmill, added safety with patient lifts, earliest detection in breast cancer through 3D mammography and future care through our endowment and so much more…

It is YOUR choice—

what will YOU support?

We know that you put your heart and soul into your work every day and we want your gift to be meaningful to you. No matter the amount or the purpose, our patients are grateful for the support and

your gift WILL make a difference.

Areas of Support

  • Greater JRMC Fund
  • Journey to Oncology; Phase II Dedicated Space
  • Endowment For the Future
  • Uncompensated Care (Community Care)
  • Surgical Equipment & Technology
  • NEW! Employee Fund