Journey to Oncology Campaign

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Correen loved to celebrate life.

She was generous with her time, in the good times and bad. She was the one who scheduled holiday gatherings, family reunions and created precious memories. Six years after passing away from lung cancer, Correen is making a gift to others.

In her memory, her husband, Rick Mogck is establishing the first infusion room in the JRMC Cancer Center. The gift came from Correen’s life insurance policy.

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“This gift is possible because for what Correen left. She’s making this happen,” says Rick.

The JRMC Foundation Journey to Oncology Campaign is working to create local cancer care at Jamestown Regional Medical Center.  Your gift is critical to help build the JRMC Cancer center, purchase equipment, train staff, create healing spaces through art and build an endowment to sustain the services.

“There are more than 100 people in Stutsman county alone who are diagnosed with cancer every year. This equals more than 800 chemotherapy treatments,” says Lisa Jackson, JRMC Foundation Director. “Helping us treat and manage cancer in our communities will help to reduce the financial burden and stress of travel to receive care. More importantly it will provide more time with the ones we love.”


JRMC Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of serving Jamestown Regional Medical Center. Through its philanthropic efforts, the Foundation supports JRMC’s ability to provide quality healthcare to the locally by contributing to hospital programs and services.

For additional information or to make a donation to support the JRMC Cancer Center, contact Lisa Jackson at 701-952-4880 or email at ljackson@jrmcnd.com.

Online giving form is below:

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