Endowment Funds

JRMC Foundation’s endowment is the future of affordable, high quality, state-of-the-art healthcare.


JRMC was the first hospital in the state to offer 3D Mammography. It can detect breast cancer at Stage 0. We also offer the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill® providing mobility at a fraction of your body weight so you can recover better from surgery, stroke or a sports injury.  The new Bone Densitometry (DXA) is also on campus to aid in early detection and prevention of osteoporosis. And new to JRMC, the hyperbaric chamber for advanced wound care.

Such cutting-edge equipment is, of course, expensive. Beyond the cost of acquiring the equipment are ongoing costs: keeping current with the necessary software, investing in upgrades and providing training for physicians and technologists.

Technological innovations also promise enhanced patient safety. Electronic medical records, for example, connect patient records across multiple organizations, greatly enhancing the safety and quality of patient care.

Technologies such as these require a significant financial commitment and a desire to provide the most advanced care possible. Reimbursement from medical insurance simply does not cover the costs. To continue to offer the safest, most advanced care possible, we must invest in our endowment.

An endowment is a restricted fund. Only interest from the fund can be spent, not the principal that anchors the fund. Only about 3 to 5% is spent on an annual basis, growing the original funds over time. Professional money managers oversee our fund. Last year our rate of return was 7.88 percent.


Partners for the Future (See a listing of our partners in each AppleSeeds)

You can make a gift to our endowment annually at any amount, or establish a named fund. For certain purposes, such as providing unrestricted resources for a department or for an award, you may establish an endowed fund with a minimum $5,000 gift. For endowed scholarships or equipment funds, the minimum gift is $25,000. The amount varies for endowed positions or departments.


How to give

  • donating cash — online or otherwise
  • donating securities
  • creating a planned gift such as an annuity, charitable remainder trust or by making a bequest in your will
  • 40% North Dakota Tax Credit, click here to learn more
  • a combination of these options


JRMC Foundation Named Endowments

Nora Melvold Paulson Excellence in Leadership Award

Established by Nora Melvold Paulson’s grandson, Brian Spector, the award will be given to a JRMC Registered Nurse, identified by their colleagues, who consistently embodies a commitment to excellence in nursing until the fund is exhausted or endowed.


John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund

Established by Patricia Dardis, family and friends in memory of John Dardis. The fund provides hospice patients and families with financial support for non-medical needs identified by hospice staff members.


Dave and Mandy Sorlie and Family Advocating for Neonatal Grief & Early Loss Support (ANGELS) Fund

In August 2015, the Dave and Mandy Sorlie family created a fund to off-set the cost or pay in full, the hospital bill for those who experience a fetal or neonatal loss.


For more information or to provide a gift, please contact JRMC Foundation at (701) 952-4880 or foundation@jrmcnd.com or visit www.jrmcnd.com, click on Foundation.

Please contact Lisa Jackson, JRMC Foundation Director  at (701) 253-4806 or ljackson@jrmcnd.com to discuss ideas